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Texas Reverse Mortgage Lenders

Texas is constantly in the top 3 states for most number of reverse mortgage loans. The loan is very popular among seniors who need a home loan with access to a line of credit or cash. that they can qualify for. Houson, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, El Paso and San Antonio are among the most common metro areas among Texans who apply for senior reverse mortgage loans.

Property values have stayed steady in Texas during the recent housing crisis. In fact, property values in most areas have even risen a little bit, making a reverse mortgage a more attractive option for those who are in need of additional cash to take care of things like bills, debts, senior care among others.

Applicants for a HECM reverse mortgage need to be at least 62 or older and must have equity in their home in order to take out cash.

Top Flite Financial, Inc.
NRMLA #5466
Colonial National Mortgage
NRMLA #3876
Firstar Bank
NRMLA #18176
Network Funding, LP
NRMLA #5796
Proficio Mortgage Ventures, LLC
NRMLA #19818
American Advisors Group (AAG)
NRMLA #5197
1st American Senior Funding
NRMLA #6143
Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
NRMLA #11907
Sente Mortgage
NRMLA #19089
Advisors Mortgage Group, LLC
(800) 657-1080
NRMLA #18083