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Pennsylvania Reverse Mortgage Lenders

Pennsylvania is one of the largest states in the country when it comes to population. With over 12 million people in the state, there are a lot of senior citizens who need assistance with their living expenses for a number of reasons ranging from health bills, mortgage payments, credit card debt, helping out family members in need among other reasons. Reverse mortgage loans, which most experts agree that should only be used as a last option, can help alleviate stressful financial situtations.

If you are a homeowner and at least you or your spouse is 62 years old and have enough equity in your home, then you may qualify for a reverse mortgage loan. Contact a licensed lender today to discuss your options to see what your options and how much you may be able to receive via a monthly payment.

Advisors Mortgage Group, LLC
(800) 657-1080
NRMLA #18083
Southern Trust Mortgage LLC
NRMLA #5653
All Reverse Mortgage Company
NRMLA #4693
Dollar Bank F.S.B.
NRMLA #5041
AFC Reverse Mortgage, Inc.
NRMLA #4143
Vanguard Funding LLC
NRMLA #17044
Fulton Mortgage Company
NRMLA #4292
Reverse Mortgages of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Inc.
NRMLA #18700
Network Funding, LP
NRMLA #5796
Federated Lending Corporation
800-355-9220 x104
NRMLA #18096

Residents of the entire state of Pennsylvania, including: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Alentown, Erie, Reading and Bethlehem are all eligible.