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New York Reverse Mortgage Lenders

New York is home to a lot of house rich cash poor seniors. The high property values makes New York residents prime candidates to consider reverse mortgages. Reverse mortgage loans should only be used as a last resort. Keep in mind that borrowers still must pay the annual property taxes along with insurance and HOA if applicable. The property must still be maintained. The new reverse mortgage loans can be used for any purpose by the borrower. Consider downsizing into a smaller home, using the proceeds as funds for necessary expenses while keeping aside enough for housing. Westchester, Nassau, Kings and New York Counties are some of the more popular counties for the HECM loans while Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Albany and White Plains also rank among the top cities in the state.

Important Reverse Mortgage Requirements

Generation Mortgage Company
NRMLA #4035
Equity Loans, LLC
877-255-3554 x200
NRMLA #12106
Vanguard Funding LLC
NRMLA #17044
M&T Bank
NRMLA #229
Homestead Funding Corp.
NRMLA #18089
FirstBank Mortgage Partners
NRMLA #18602
Agency for Consumer Equity Mortgages, Inc.
NRMLA #2597
GuardHill Financial Corp.
NRMLA #16736
Cliffco Mortgage Bankers
NRMLA #4062
Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Inc.
NRMLA #5771