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New Jersey Reverse Mortgage Lenders

New Jersey is home to a lot of commuters to Manhattan who seek more reasonable cost of living. Residents of cities such as Jersey City, Paterson, Edison, Toms River, Trenton, Camden, Cherry Hill and of course, Newark, all are eligible to take out the new reverse mortgage loans. The new reverse mortgage loans can be used for any purpose by the borrower. Personal finance experts recommend only opting for a reverse mortgage as a last resort for seniors who are strapped for cash. Consider downsizing into a smaller home or borrowing cash through a HELOC before considering a reverse mortgage.

Reverse Mortgage Requirements

All Island Mortgage & Funding Corp.
NRMLA #4702
Amboy Bank
NRMLA #4276
Equity Loans, LLC
877-255-3554 x200
NRMLA #12106
Cliffco Mortgage Bankers
NRMLA #4062
Investors Home Mortgage
NRMLA #4625
M&T Bank
NRMLA #229
Vanguard Funding LLC
NRMLA #17044
Strock & Tanner Mortgage Corp.
NRMLA #17724
Advisors Mortgage Group, LLC
(800) 657-1080
NRMLA #18083
American Advisors Group (AAG)
NRMLA #5197